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  • Min 4 KG
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  • Type : Wash & Iron

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  • Weight : 10 kg
  • Free Pick Up : 2
  • Validity : 30 days
  • Type : Wash & Iron

FAB 30

  • Weight : 30 kg
  • Free Pick Up : 4
  • Validity : 30 days
  • Type : Wash & Iron


  • Weight : 30 kg
  • Free Pick Up : 3
  • Validity : 35 days
  • Type : Wash & Fold

Bangalore has always been a most sought after city for many commuters. People travel to it either for study or business purpose. Staying in the city been made easy by by its excellent laundry service. With humidity in the air, clothes are the worst sufferer. Sweating makes living and earning more difficult. With the cheap laundry service by fabfresh in Bangalore , Chennai you enjoy this service with a click of your mouse. laundry website offers you a free pick up of dirty clothes and within 24 hours the clothes are washed and ironed and delivered as per your choice selected. Fabfresh online laundry service provides you hassle free booking of the services from the comfort of your couch. The most hectic work was not that easy earlier. At fabfresh website you will find a laundry shop near to your place.

In an attempt to provide you with maximum benefits, you need to search laundry service near by location and that’s it. This simple step will put you on the path that leads to Drycleaning,washing, ironing, packing, laundry services. The hassle free process leaves you tension free and now no-more official meetings without your lucky shirt.

These laundry solutions that come your way all through is an upcoming modern trend that has facilitated many and continue to add-on many more customers. At the laundry website you enjoy 3 different proposals that you can select with a blink of an eye,i.e. your order is placed within 5 seconds.

Online laundry services are available at a reasonable price. This includes drycleaning,washing, folding and ironing of clothes according to your selected option. Moreover, we appreciate your valuable time and understand how busy you are. So you call us and we will be there whenever you want helper to be there. No matter wherever you are. The washer man takes care of stains and make sure that the clothes are washed properly. The detergent that is used for washing is eco-friendly and targets dirt and not fiber.

Plus, laundry service app allows you to receive updates on your clothes. You can keep a track on your washing starting right from washing, ironing, packing and delivery of clothes. The process that starts with free pick up of dirty clothes ends with the drop of clean and fragrant clothes. Now no worries of harmful washing detergents, power cuts and sweating that are undoubtedly involved in the entire process of laundry solutions.

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