Do you stay in Andheri? Are you looking for a laundry service in Andheri East? Well, if you answer yes, we have got something which calls for your urgent attention.

Laundry is one of the significant hustles of working section today. The amount of time spent on the laundry activities is rarely affordable for working class like us. I faced a similar situation when I decided to make a shift in Andheri. Andheri being located within the frontiers of the metropolitan is well connected with the places. So is it satiated regarding the amenities and services. The very next day of my relocation in Andheri, I started my hunt for the laundry services. Meanwhile, my neighbor suggested me to coordinate with the Fab fresh laundry services. Today, I feel relaxed after having experienced the best laundry service here.

What makes Fab fresh earn the reputation of the best laundry services in Andheri?

My experience with Fab fresh is about a year old. The Fab fresh time is highly customer-centric in their entire work approach. They are highly determined for a real-time order fulfillment process. Once, you link with Fab fresh, the majority of your washing hustles gets eliminated. The firm today stands as the only firm which responses and accomplishes the washing task within 24hrs of its pick.

Services I experienced at Fab fresh dry cleaners in Andheri

  • Steam Pressing of wrinkled clothes
  • Excellent Dry Cleaning Services
  • Eco-friendly clothes washing and ironing
  • Removal of sticky stains from the interlinked thread of every fabric
  • Washing clothes thoroughly with the antiseptics to minimize the microbial load.

What is the Fab fresh team reckoned for?

Fab fresh today stands unique laundry service within the frontiers of Andheri East. Call Fab fresh any time within their working hours, and they are ever-ready at your services. All you need to do is to keep their contact number at your fingertips. This will facilitate you to connect with the Fab fresh team instantly. Additionally, the Fab fresh team is highly communicative. You may reach them for their assistance in keeping your clothes precisely to stay fit for a longer duration. Honestly, one can say that they are the doctors of clothes specialized in washing. Additionally, their main point of focus is their use of organic antiseptic cleansing agents. The antiseptic cleansing agents assure that the hundred percent removal of the microbial load from the clothes surface. This is the unique feature which makes Fab fresh stand out of the crowd.

How the Fab fresh clothes washing cycle operates their laundry in Andheri East?

The customers make registration with the Fab fresh team. The record can be accomplished either by visiting their registered office or by registering online through their website. Once registered with Fab fresh, their customer support executive generates a database for the services provided to you. The customers can now collate their regular clothes to be washed and wrapped them up for the easy pick by Fab fresh executive. Once you make a call at Fab fresh, the executive or the collection boy reaches at your place to collect the clothes bag and drives it at Fab fresh office. The Fab fresh team sorts out the clothes and then subjects it for washing with the organic cleansing agents. Once cleaned, the clothes are dried through the machine dryer and then subjected for the air-drying process. After thoroughly drying, the Fab fresh team will iron, fold and pack your washed clothes. The clothes then reach their clothes room to make their way back to your home. The entire cycle of clothes collection to the dispatching of the washed clothes completes within 24 hours.

Shortly Fab fresh will be opening their laundry services in Andheri West.