Aundh is a place in Pune where discipline matters the most. Inhabitants of Aundh prefer to be a perfectionist in whatever they do. Moreover, they follow a lifestyle which rarely gives them a leisure time to wind up their washing process. All these daily struggles were being researched by the Fab fresh team, and they decided to come up with the best dry cleaners in Aundh Pune.

Today, Fab fresh marks its presence as a robust laundry service satisfying the washing needs of thousands of households within the frontiers of Aundh. Fab fresh is an unsurpassable brand of well-experienced laundry professionals who are proficient in their washing and dry cleaning services. The name of Fab fresh stands for the quality intact service the firm provides. Fab fresh cares for all your fabrics and assures you with the appropriate nourishment and care for the same.

How did Fab fresh evolve as the best laundry service in Aundh?

Fab fresh team stays motivated to render the unrivaled washing and dry cleaning services to maintain their brand reputation. Environmentally friendly methods and operations drive. Their business ethics and enriched with a customer-centric approach. Some of their top-notch services are inclusive of steam pressing, dry cleaning, washing, ironing of clothes. Excellent proficiency in stain removal is the identity of Fab fresh team to achieve the position where it stands today. Fab Fresh is bifurcated into different groups as per the specialization in laundry services. This bifurcation minimizes the chances of errors while washing or dry cleaning the clothes.

Fab fresh firm is reckoned for the use of environmentally friendly detergents and solvents to accomplish their cleaning process. The purpose of organic cleansing agents eliminates the risk of inert chemical reactivity which otherwise might have interfered with the washing process. Besides, it does not alter the fabric quality as it is free of the synthetic base. Fab fresh team thrives in hard to present you with a dazzling dry cleaning experience you might have never experienced before. Ironing and folding is the final stage of Fab fresh washing process. The pressing and folding team assures that your clothes are free of the crease and wrinkles. If you opt for the operation of fabric conditioning, Fab fresh team emphasizes on the use of mild fabric softeners. The gentle nature of these fabric softeners imparts a stunning look to your formal clothes to fit best for your next day schedule. Moreover, the fabric softeners give a cozy feel so that you feel comfortable while you put on your clothes. The bouncy appearance after fabric conditioning makes it more vibrant and energetic for you to wear and outshine others.

What are the steps involved in the Fab fresh cleaning process?

You first need to collate all the clothes of your family members and wrap them in an appropriate bag. Call on the registered number of Fab fresh. You may get their number from their website. Alternatively, you may even ping them on their site by accomplishing the registration process or emailing them with your requirements. As soon as your booking gets recorded, within a fraction of minutes, the Fab fresh delivery boy reaches your doorstep to collect the bag of clothes from you. Once the clothes are brought at the Fab fresh service center, they are sorted and washed precisely. After cleaning the clothes thoroughly with the chemical free detergents, they are subjected for machine drying and then to air drying. The drying process then terminates into ironing and folding the clothes without wrinkles. Now your clothes are ready to go in the clothes room.

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