Nowadays, people are so engrossed in their busy schedules that they hardly get any time to do the household chores or spare a minute for themselves and family. Laundry is one big of a problem. After coming from the office or doing some strenuous activities the whole day, you don’t feel like washing a pile of dirty clothes that does take a lot of time. This is when laundry services turn out to be a helper for you and eventually you will get that time to relax.

When thinking of going to any Laundry services in Bandra do choose FabFresh as we take care of your clothes just like you do and offer the best laundry services in Bandra. Our customers receive the best quality service because of our extra-ordinary features, focusing on customer’s specifications, professionally trained staffs and latest advanced technologies.

FabFresh are the best dry cleaners in Bandra providing with the advanced dry cleaning technologies suitable for the finest laundering. We assure you to handle your valuable garments at the utmost care. Just be worry free when you handle over your clothes to us as we make them look perfect whether you need to remove any horrible stain from the clothes or want your garments to be ironed.

Services we offer to our clients

Our experienced staffs understand the fabric of the clothes especially the designer wears and clean them accordingly, enhancing the texture of the clothes. Our top quality services include:-

  • Fabfresh provides service which is for keeping the dresses dry so that it doesn’t soak any water marks and protects the clothes from getting stains.
  • The color guard technique retains the colors of the dark and gentle fabrics from getting faded.
  • Wrinkle free finishing service gives your clothes a wrinkle-free finish for a long duration of time.
  • Crispy finishing will give your jeans, denim shirts or dresses a crispy finish and keep the collars tidy with professional pressing.
  • A super soft service is provided to enhance the softness in your garments.
  • We specialize in cleaning all the household items including your table cloths, shoes, sofas, carpets etc. so that it looks brand new.
  • In case you are in need of quick delivery service FabFresh can offer you emergency services.
  • Apart from cleaning we make alterations to your clothes which you have trouble wearing. It is free of charge and ensuring high quality service.
  • FabFresh offers sophisticated care and treatment to perfectly clean your beautiful gown. All the visible stains will be permanently removed to retain the delicate fabric to its original condition. We also take care of the beadwork as well as the extravagant ornamented details while cleaning it properly.

As a provider of all the above provisions we are the best laundry in Bandra west with all the latest techniques required to treat your garments. Our various services includes anti-bacterial dry cleaners that can clean your delicate clothes in a very well maintained hygienic surrounding making us the extraordinary dry cleaners in Bandra west.

At FabFresh laundry Bandra we offer expert stain removal processes along with specialized techniques in cleaning to provide you with the best noticeable results. Such as follows:

  • Free pick up and drop facility
  • Ironing
  • Providing free delivery for clothes weighing more than 5 kgs
  • Stain removing
  • Excellent packaging
  • Quality Assurance
  • Using advanced technology

How to get to us?

We do lessen your burden of washing or cleaning clothes and you can contact us simply just by contacting us through our website where all the necessary details has been provided. Just wait for 24 hours and all your clothes will be delivered to you in the best condition.

To get the best laundry services in Bandra at affordable rates and super-friendly staffs, do contact FabFresh. We will surely provide you satisfaction with all our extraordinary services.