Fab Fresh has been offering professional laundry services at a number of leading metropolitan areas in the country, for many years now. With state of the art equipment and the number of years devoted to the business, Fab Fresh has really reduces the art of Washington clothes to a science. Eco friendly materials used in the process makes it an environment friendly service. Punctual and door to door service really brings in the edge of professional efficiency to what may be regarded as a common household errand. As the best laundry services in Indiranagar, Fab Fresh promises it’s premium services at affordable rates and ensures that you need not worry about washing, drying and ironing your clothes on a daily basis. Bangalore is one of the major cities where Fab Fresh provides its service at a number of locations.

Indiranagar in East Bengaluru is one of the medium sized neighbourhoods in the city. One of the newer areas, it serves as the residential base of many people migrating to Bangalore in search of a livelihood. After a tiring day at work, nobody wishes to be stuck with an errand like laundry on reaching home. Yet, the Indian climate calls for regular washing of clothes. Professional laundry service in Indiranagar is therefore a practical choice. Dry cleaning in Indiranagar, Bangalore can also be done at the local Fab Fresh outlet. Worrying about dry cleaning your formal dress code for the week is now a thing of the past, with the express services of Fab Fresh available to residents of Indiranagar, Bangalore.

The folks at Fab Fresh offer a comprehensive laundry service that attends to the washing, drying, ironing and folding of all the clothes that you send off to the outlet. The door to door service ensures minimum effort on your part, as representatives pick up your dirty laundry from your address and drop off the clean load at your preferred hour. Years of experience have made sure that Fab Fresh pays due attention to the fabric, and the gentle handling of your precious wardrobe.Affordable rates also enable you to avail the services through a sustained period of time on a regular basis.

Why Choose Us!

With the best laundry services, Fab Fresh also offers the best dry cleaning service at Indiranagar. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Reasonable price

Packages are available at reasonable prices at Fab Fresh. Check them out on the official website or the official app, and select the one you prefer. If you need something unique, arrange for a customised package, starting at Rs. 69 for per kg of clothing.

  1. Online service

All service-client interaction can be done online, making it convenient for both parties involved. The Fab Fresh service can be booked without hassle.

  1. Door to door service

Fab Fresh representatives pick up your dirty laundry from your door and drop off the clean load at your doorstep, ensuring no effort non your part.

  1. Express services

Get your laundry done and delivered in 24 hours with the express Fab Fresh services.

  1. Premium services

From washing to drying, ironing and folding of your clothes, Fab Fresh does it all. Cleaning of quilts and blankets in winter is a seasonal service available at Fab Fresh.

How to avail pick-up and drop-off services at Indiranagar

Availing the Fab Fresh services at Indiranagar is possible by following a few easy steps.

  1. Collect all your dirty clothing in a bag,ready to be picked up.
  2. Book the Fab Fresh service by call or SMS, or through the app or website. A representative will be at your address at the earliest to pick up your bag.
  3. With regular SMS updates, keep track of your clothes.
  4. A Fab Fresh executive will drop off the clean load of clothes at your address.

Premium services are offered to the residents of Indiranagar in Bangalore, with professional laundry services that carry out your errand in a particularly efficient manner.

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