Fab Fresh is one of the leading professional laundry service providers in the country today, operating across many major metropolitan cities in the country. High end equipment and punctual and efficient service, along with eco friendly materials used for the business makes Fab Fresh the best laundry services in Koramangala and indeed one of the best services across the country. From cleaning to washing, drying, ironing and folding you can rest assured; with Fab Fresh your clothes are going to get the gentle handling they deserve. Premium quality services are available at affordable rates with Fab Fresh that will allow you to avail door to door service and customised packages for maximum convenience. Bangalore is one of the major cities in which Fab Fresh provides professional laundry services at multiple locations.

Koramangala may be regarded as the heart of Bangalore and a leading technical hub in the city. Commercial buildings exist alongside posh residential complexes in the rich urban setting of Koramangala. After a long tiring day at work, nobody wishes to be stuck running an errand. Neither does the thought of doing laundry on the much awaited weekends sound appealing. Professional laundry services therefore, provide a practical option and choosing Fab Fresh, an establishment offering best laundry services in Koramangala,seems the obvious choice. Getting your dry cleaning done on time will no longer be a chore with Fab Fresh, one of the leading dry cleaners in Koramangala, Bangalore.

The services offered by Fab Fresh are comprehensive. The reasonable rates will let you save not only money, but also your time and effort. From dry cleaning to steam ironing, and blanket and quilt cleaning in the winter months, Fab Fresh will do it all. Door to door service ensures that your laundry is picked up and dropped off at your home address requiring zero effort on your part. Moreover, an online transaction will make sure that scheduling a pick up while using Fab Fresh causes no inconvenience whatsoever. A whole catalogue of services are available at the Fab Fresh app that will convince you of the professional an efficient service accorded to all customers.

Why Choose Us!

If you are looking for a laundry service in Koramangala, you need not look further than the local Fab Fresh. Wondering why? Here are few compelling points:

  • Affordable rates

At the Fab Fresh app, a host of packages are available which you can choose with regard to what suits you best. Customized packages beginning at the rate of Rs. 69 per kg of clothing can also be negotiated if required.

  • Online transaction

For laundry in Koramangala log on to the official website of Fab Fresh to download the official app to schedule a pick up with Fab Fresh. All service-client transaction can be carried out online making it convenient for both parties involved.

  • Expert washing and premium services

Years of professional service has made Fab Fresh clearly the best laundry services in Koramangala. From washing to ironing, all can be possible with Fab Fresh. Fab Fresh are also the leading dry cleaners in Koramangala with on-time solutions to maintaining and cleaning your formal wear.

  • Door to door

Book a pick up of your dirty laundry and have it cleaned and dropped off at your home address, by tapping on a few buttons on the official Fab Fresh android app.

  • Express services

Laundry services within 24 hours at Koramangala is what the express services at Fab Fresh entails. Get your clean laundry home delivered within 24 hours of sending it off.

How to avail pick-up and drop-off services at Koramangala, Bangalore

By following the simple steps mentioned below, you can avail the best professional laundry services in Koramangala.

  1. Bag all your dirty clothes and have them ready.
  2. Schedule a pick up through call or SMS or by using the website or app. A Fab Fresh representative will be there at your address to pick up your bag.
  3. Stay on top of the in-house process with regular SMS updates.
  4. Arrange for your laundry to be dropped off at your address, at your preferred time.

Premium services at affordable rates is what Fab Fresh seeks to provide to all clients at Koramangala.

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