The best laundry services in Marathahalli, Bangalore is available at the local Fab Fresh outlet. Fab Fresh has been the leading provider of professional laundry service in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities in India for a number of years now. The high end equipment coupled with eco friendly raw materials hint at the state of the art affairs at Fab Fresh laundry services. Years of experience have made the folks at Fab Fresh true fabric experts, teaching them how to handle each variety of clothing. Premium services at affordable rates make it possible for common people to avail the services on a regular basis. On time, door to door service is what sets Fab Fresh apart from other professional laundry services.

An eastern suburb in the city, Marathahalli has residential buildings where people return home after a long day at the office. The last thing that a person would want to do in a tired state of mind is to be stuck with laundry. Nor does the idea of doing weekly laundry at the much anticipated weekend hold any appeal. The practical option in such circumstances is to hand over the errand to a professional service that will take care of your household errand in a professional manner. Fab Fresh offers the best dry cleaning in Marathahallias well, resolving all your dry cleaning issues as well.

The express services of the folks at Fab Fresh enables your laundry to be delivered at your doorstep within a span of 24 hours. Door to door service is the unique feature of Fab Fresh at Marathahalli, which contributes immensely in the saving of your time, money and effort. Affordable prices fetch new customers every day and make it a viable option on a regular basis, as opposed to merely a one time affair. Online transaction makes interaction with customers much easier and helps the time factor as well.

Why Choose Us!

To avail the best laundry services in Marthahalli in Bangalore, you must seek out Fab Fresh. Here a few compelling points that make Fab Fresh the best choice:

  1. Affordable price

Check out the official Fab Fresh android app or the official website to find out about the various packages that you may select while availing their services. Choose the one that suits you or arrange for a customised package beginning at Rs. 69 for each kilogram of clothing.

  1. Online transaction

Online transaction between clients and the service providers at Fab Fresh makes the transactions easier on both parties, with minimum to no paperwork and no unnecessary complications in the arrangement.

  1. Expert service

Years of experience have contributed in making Fab Fresh true experts in the washing, drying, ironing and folding of every type of clothing in your wardrobe. Seasonal services like quilt and blanket cleaning in the winter months is also available.

  1. Express service

With the express Fab Fresh service, see to it that your dirty laundry is washed and delivered at your doorstep within the span of 24 hours. This is particularly relevant in case of emergencies, like an unplanned trip or a sudden business conference.

  1. Door to door

Door to door service ensures zero effort on your part as Fab Fresh executives can pick up and drop off your clothing at your door, at a time that you prefer. This renders the service truly convenient for all clients of Fab Fresh.

How to avail pick up and drop off services at Marathahalli:

Following the easy steps mentioned below can open up the Fab Fresh service opportunities for you.

  1. Compile all your dirty laundry in a bag and keep it at the ready.
  2. Through the official website or app, or by calling or SMS, schedule a pick up from your address with Fab Fresh. A representative will be there at the earliest to collect your bag.
  3. Keep track of your clothing through the in-house part of the process through regular SMS updates.
  4. Once the cleaning is done, the load will be delivered at your doorstep, by a Fab Fresh executive.

The premium services at Fab Fresh are brought to you with the best interests at heart. The professional laundry services makes sense in the richly urban set up of contemporary India. Hand over the errand to a professional service like Fab Fresh and rest assured with your wardrobe in careful and experienced hands.

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