Are you new in Navi Mumbai? Do you need a pick and drop laundry services at your doorsteps? Laundry becomes one of the significant hurdles when you relocate yourself. When you search on for the laundry services in a new location, undoubtedly you will come across ample of them. However, to find the best one seems to be a significant hustle for most of us. Today, laundry plays a vital role as we all belong to the working section. We rarely find time to accomplish our indoor activities. A bit of thorough research on the Google will help you find the perfect laundry service for your dirty clothes.

Situated in the outskirts of a metropolitan city, Navi Mumbai is a hub of small-scale laundry services. However, the search of the best name requires a considerable amount of comparative analysis. To ease your search, Fab fresh is the name for you. The Fab fresh owes its recognition as one of the best laundry services in Navi Mumbai. With their thorough dedication of serving customers with a perfect dry cleaning service, Fab Fresh has earned a robust name and fame today. The brand name of Fab fresh is enough to vouch on the quality assurance services rendered by the firm in Navi Mumbai.

What made Fab fresh the best laundry services in Navi Mumbai?

Fab fresh idealizes itself with the identity of 100% customer satisfaction. Fab fresh team has undergone a rigorous hard work to reach the present position. After establishing itself robustly within the frontiers of Mumbai and receiving high appreciations of Mumbaikars, Fab fresh decided to step into the soil of Navi Mumbai. Analysing the then situation of Navi Mumbai, Fab fresh developed itself materialistically to accomplish its goal to be enlisted as the best dry cleaning services in Navi Mumbai. Today, Fab fresh team stands worthy of their real-time order fulfillment services. They have proved their existence in Navi Mumbai as the unsurpassable firm when it comes to rendering quality assured services.

Services rendered by Fab Fresh dry cleaners in Navi Mumbai:

Few of the facilities extended by the Fab fresh team are enlisted below:

  • Steam Pressing of Clothes
  • Dry Cleaning Services
  • Washing and Ironing
  • Stain Removal Services
  • Fabric Conditioning Services
  • Apparel washing with antiseptics

What are the unique features of Fab fresh which make them stand unique?

Fab fresh relies heavily on the use and applications of organic solvents for washing clothes. Organic solvents are devoid of the chemical base which makes them resistant to chemical reactivity with the cloth fabric. Besides, the firm uses high-graded antiseptics for washing. The use of antiseptics prevents the microbial degradation of the fabric by fabric degrading microbes. Also, they take care of the microbial load built upon the surface of the fabric to be washed. Irrespective of the use of organic cleaning agents, Fab fresh assures real-time order accomplishment process which makes them the best dry cleaning services.

How the Fab fresh teamwork cycle initiates?

The customers first register themselves as Fab fresh members. This registration can be accomplished either by registering online through their website or else by visiting the registered address of Fab fresh. Once, recorded, the customers sort out the dirty clothes of their daily activities, wrap them in a clothes bag and dial the number of Fab fresh. In case of the registered member, the customer conveys his registration number to the Fab fresh executive and the executive dispatches the order collection boy. Once the clothes are received at the Fab fresh end, the team sorts them out to undergo further processing. The sorted out clothes are washed as per their requirements and later dried. The dried clothes are finally subjected to a cycle of ironing, folding, and packing.

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