Fabfresh provides the best laundry services in Powai. Finding time in the busy schedule could be really different. Whether you are a college student finding it hard to get those dirty t-shirts to wash up to boast off your dressing style next day or an office person who stays up late at night for that work. Whatever you do Fabfresh is there for you. If you lack the equipment for your regular washing then the answer lies here.   Fabfresh provides you with some quality cleaning including washing, drying, ironing and packing. The amazing laundry service in Powai has devoted members working day and night for the customer’s satisfaction. The dry cleaners in Powaialso provide you with an amazing dry-cleaning service for your cardigans.  You just have to download the app and with a click! All your work is done.

In the recent years, Fabfresh has provided an amazing laundry service in Powai. The well-experienced staff takes a great care of your laundry not to hurt your garment. With our laundry service in Powai we assure you a great service. A great care is taken to not get any of your garment interchanged with the other. Addition to this, the clothes goes through a fabric-friendly drycleaning with your dry cleaners in Powai. The clothes for regular washing also go through a harm-free process, which includes washing in soft detergents so the colour of your favourite shirt doesn’t fade away. We provide a hassle-free laundry service in Powai. All you have to do is click on the app and we are there. But wait! Is this over? Of course not! We send you regular updates via message to keep you updated that where your favourite dress is! So, you don’t need to get late for your party.

Why choose us?

Fabfresh is the best laundry service in Powai but why we claim to be the best? The reasons are here.

  • Affordable prices

We offer different packs to choose from and we care for your pocket! We don’t overcharge for all those deliveries and handlings. The range starts from Rs. 69 per kg that includes washing, ironing, drying and packing.

  • Online Booking through our app

Using our best laundry app in Powai you can book your wash online. No phone booking and that lengthy process, we provide you with a hassle-free service. Can anything be that easier?

  • Expert Washing

Our professional washers know how to take care of your clothes. So you can lay back and sit while we get you hygienic and ironed clothes right at your doorstep.

  • Premium Services

We provide you with the best service in town assuring no harm to your clothes, hygienic, clean and wrinkle-free. You can rely on us with all of your laundries.

  • Doorstep delivery and pickup

We know that you are a busy-bee. Well, who has time for all those picking and dropping clothes? We do it all from picking up your clothes right from your doorstep to deliver it straight away back to you.

  • Express Services

We believe in keeping the promises and a hassle-free experience for you. Our express service would get you your clothes right back within 24 hours and that too maintain the best quality.

Excited about availing our services?

All you have to do is just download that Fabfresh app and book a wash. All you have to do is just bag up your laundry and wait for a pickup and we will get back with properly wash, hygienic, ironed clothes and that too within 24 hours. Can it be much easier?

So go ahead, and get in touch with us now!