Are you worried about your daily laundry clothes? Are you fed up of trying multiple laundry services and still couldn’t find a perfect one? Laundry is one of the tedious, and we often avoid working out our laundry at home itself. Generally, the office goers often switch over to the laundry services. To be location specific, Thane is a small district of the metropolitan Mumbai. There are oodles of laundry services in Thane. However, the choice of a perfect laundry service still is a nail-biting task for many of us. Let us have a look into what makes a laundry service worthy of serving us?

Introducing the Best Laundry Services in Thane

Fab fresh is the leading laundry service in Thane West. Since its evolution, Fab fresh has been serving daily laundry needs of the Thanekars. The entire Fab fresh team works collaborated towards serving their vision of rendering unrivaled customer services. Fab fresh emphasis on environment-friendly operations, and services for each of their customers. The business ethics of Fab fresh revolves around maintenance of hygiene, effectiveness, efficiency, and finally the best customer services. Integrity and teamwork are the principles which keep on motivating Fab fresh to thrive in hard and deliver their best services.

What are the services rendered by Fab freshdry cleaners in Thane?

The Fab fresh is reckoned for delivering the following services:

Steam Press: The excellent steam press services from Fab fresh ensures that all your laundry clothes are free from wrinkles and crease. Fab fresh steam pressed clothes imparts a sophisticated look to your laundry clothes.

Dry Cleaning: Dry Cleaning from Fab fresh is accomplished with the assistance of environmentally friendly detergents and cleansing agents. In addition to removing stains and washing off the all the dirt particles, Fab fresh dry cleaners ensure that you receive a dazzling dry cleaning experience. Be it your party wear or formal apparel; Fab fresh dry cleaning services are safe for one and all.

Washing and Ironing: Washing and ironing your clothes with Fab fresh expertise makes them live and energetic to wear for the next event.

Stain Removal: One of the reckoned services mastered by Fab fresh laundry services in Thane. The exclusivity of Fab fresh lies in their material selection. The Fab fresh team prefers sanitized washing for delivering clean and pathogen-free apparels.

Fabric Conditioning: Fab fresh makes the use of best fabric softeners so that your clothes get a bouncy look and are more comfortable to wear. In turn, it imparts protection to your skin from scratchiness arising out of harsh clothing.

Washing Apparels with antiseptics: Fab fresh apparel washing is incomplete with their unique antiseptic clothes cleansing agents. These antiseptics work on the microbial load present on your clothes. The disinfectants are bactericidal in their action. Their bactericidal mode of operation helps them to eliminate the microbial load from the clothes which otherwise leads to skin infections.

How does the cleaning process of Fab fresh satisfy works?

Fab fresh follows a straightforward cleaning process comprising of the following stages:

  1. Make a call at Fab fresh
  2. Pack up all your dirty clothes
  3. Fab fresh team picks up your clothes
  4. You enjoy your daily routine
  5. Fab fresh team sorts and washes your dirty clothes
  6. Drying clothes
  7. The dried clothes are ironed, folded, packed, and put into the clothing rooms

This is the way the laundry cycle of Fab Fresh works efficiently to accomplish real-time order fulfillment process.

What gives the leading edge to Fab fresh laundry in thane?

The laundry services are cost-effective:

The charge of the entire laundry process is minimal and sounds parallel to the laundry charges you incur at your home.

Real-time delivery assurance:

Fab fresh is the only laundry service which serves for customer satisfaction with their strict submission schedule.

Advance Equipment’s:

Fab fresh relies heavily on the standardized washing with sanitizers that maintains their brand trust. Today, Fab fresh is highly reckoned and recommended laundry services assuring clean and pathogen-free cleaning services.

Free Pick-up facilities:

If you have a load of above 5kg clothes per day, Fab fresh guarantees you free pick and facility at your doorsteps.

Fab fresh terms and conditions:

No assurance for color loss or any damage incurred to delicate fabrics.

Ornaments, coins, cash, or valuables should be removed prior by the customers themselves before dispatching their laundry clothes.

The customers must vouch on the number of apparels being sent to the Fab fresh. Otherwise, the team’s count will be final and has to be agreed.

Above all, Fab fresh is a committed team for rendering hassle-free services to their customers.

Connect with Fab fresh today and go worry less over your dirty clothes!