Best laundry services in Velachery

At Fab Fresh, we ensure that you have more family time, more free time, more time for relaxation and lots of fun. We handle all of your laundries with care and ensure that you take back clean clothes to your home. It is the ultimate solution that solves all of your laundry troubles and worries. It is done just the way you want it and at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter whether you are busy, or just need some time for yourself to relax or spend time with family and friends. One need not worry about sending your clothes to the laundry, as fab fresh can pick them up for you, clean it, hold, and send back your laundry all neat and tidy so that you do not have to bother about any aspect of your laundry. Fab fresh takes care of your laundry in Velachery and other surrounding areas. They assist you in doing less laundry work and to concentrate on other more engaging and important things. All you need to do to get your laundry done in no time is to give your order online at Fab fresh’s very own website. You can definitely reach us through phone and emails. All of the information is available on the website. They also have their very own mobile app that enables you to contact them while you’re on the go and where ever you may be.

Fab fresh offers the best laundry service in Velachery where you do not have to worry about getting your clothes neat clean and tidy at an easy and affordable price. All you need to do is just fill up the 13 gallons trash bag or any other bags which are provided, with the laundry that requires to be washed, cleaned, dried and folded. They do them all and send you back clothes, which are done to perfection and as per your preferences. Put up your feet and lean back without being hassled about your laundry. Fabfresh is equipped to do all the dirty work for you when it comes to cleaning of clothes. Fab fresh also does special processing, handling and treatment for your laundry and covers a wide range of laundry services that includes delicate washers, blow drying, removal of stains, air drying lots more. Your laundry is handled with care by professionals who have been handling laundry for several years. They are capable of giving your laundry, the right care and the extra services apart from the standard wash and cleaning, that ensures your laundry gets the best of attention.

Dry cleaners in Velachery

Fab fresh also handles the dry cleaning of your laundry and they do take orders from customers residing in Velachery and the surrounding areas. They are one of the best dry cleaners in Velachery. They ensure that all of your dry cleanings are done in a stress-free environment and that you get your government by the end of the day. Dry cleaning with Fab fresh does not come with any hidden costs or up charges. You get to enjoy high-quality dry cleaning from the professionals at low costs and in an efficient manner. Their vision is to bring in the confidence which is reflected on the face when you look and feel at your best. At fab fresh, everyone knows the importance of looking good and the appearance that your garments present to the world. It reflects the unique person and who you are. It is a reflection and a declaration of yourself which is why they take special care and effort with every piece of your laundry that requires to be taken care of.