Fab Fresh is one of the leading professional services, available and accessible at various locations across the country. Punctual and door to door services, with the latest equipment and efficient service ensure that Fab Fresh provides a comprehensive solution to household chores. By handing over the laundry errands to a professional service that allows you to do at an affordable price, the duties of washing, cleaning, ironing and dry-cleaning cease to be a weakly headache on your part. In addition, as part of seasonal services, Fab Fresh offers the best online blanket and quilt cleaning services at all major cities in the country. With this service, you can ensure a hygienic home environment at home during winters to help you through the season with a fresh supply of blankets and quilts to keep you warm.

No matter what the weather conditions across cities, the winter months in most places warrant the use of blankets and quilts. Blankets dry cleaning,andquilt dry cleaning, therefore, become sought-after services at the end of the year. Blanket cleaning, however, is a tricky load and only true professional experts like the folks  at Fab Fresh can manage to render the services efficiently.  Dry cleaning quilts is an essential service to maintain hygiene at home during winter. Fab Fresh with its easily accessible services provides a comprehensive solution at affordable rates to all blanket cleaning services necessary to get you through the season.

The services at Fab Fresh are easily accessible through transactions carried out online. The website and app are key portals through which you can schedule pick up and drop off services for your blankets and quilts. Make sure to stay on top of things with regular SMS updates from Fab Fresh. Premium services and customized packages allow you to save up on time, money and effort as you choose the offered blanket and quilt cleaning services.

Why Choose Us!

If you wish to give your blankets and quilts a thorough cleaning experience, Fab Fresh should be your preferred choice due to the following compelling reasons:

  • Affordable packages

Download the Fab Fresh app to check out the various packages and discounts on blanket and quilt cleaning and choose the one that suits you best. Or else, customize your own package beginning at Rs. 69 per kg of the load to clean.

  • Online booking

Online booking makes Fab Fresh all the more desirable due to the convenience. The official website and app allow you to book a pick up of your heavy blankets and quilts for thorough cleaning.

  • Expert dry cleaning

Only true experts in the field can manage to efficiently and effectively clean the heavy blankets and quilts. Fab Fresh is more than fit to thoroughly clean the pieces that keep you warm in winter.

  • Express services

Fab Fresh representatives will pick up and drop off your things from your doorstep at the earliest possible time. Express services are a key point in favor of Fab Fresh.

  • Door to door

With door to door service, there is no reason for you to haul the heavy blankets and quilts over to the local laundry service. By scheduling a pick up and drop off with Fab Fresh you can save yourself from a lot of physical labor.

How to avail our laundry pickup and delivery services

The pickup and delivery service of Fab Fresh can be accessed by following a few simple steps.

  1. Keep your blankets and quilts at the ready for scheduled pickup.
  2. Through call/SMS/website/app book a pick up with Fab Fresh. A representative will show up to collect your winter gear.
  3. Stay updated regarding the in-house proceedings with your dry cleaning through regular SMS updates.
  4. Your things will be dropped off at your home address by a Fab Fresh executive at the earliest possible date.

Premium services with Fab Fresh can be available to all during the winter seasons to make sure that your blankets and quilts are given a thorough cleaning and washing to render your home environment hygienic during the winter months.