Fab Fresh is one of the best online clothes washing services in the country, available at all major cities. Door to door service that is on time, efficient and convenient is what sets Fab Fresh apart from all other professional laundry services. Modern equipment and eco-friendly materials used for washing and ironing of clothes takes care of your household chores in manner that will save your time, money and effort. With Fab Fresh, premium quality services are available to all clients at affordable prices. Forget all yourcleaning and ironing worries with the Fab Freshwashing clothes app,accessibleacross all metropolitan areas in the country. With an increasingly urbanised population, the Fab Fresh services relieve the people from their household chores and offer necessary solutions to their washing worries.

The hot and sultry weather that is the norm across India, calls for regular washing. To keep up your presentation in an office environment, it is important to dress sharp, throughwell-ironed clothes. Online dry wash and fold service near you is bound to end all your wardrobe washing troubles. Fab Fresh has its special clean and dry wash online services to provide one stop solutions to all your laundry problems. Wash and fold pick up and delivery services at Fab Fresh is of essence and express services make it significant in case of emergencies.

With Fab Fresh you need not wash your clothes by yourself anymore. Nobody wishes to do their laundry at the end of a long, tiring day at the office. The idea of spending your weekend doing laundry does not seem particularly appealing either. In such a case, it is best to hand over the errand to professionals which will ensure that the chore is properly done. The reasonable rates and convenient online transaction at Fab Fresh renders it a practical option in day to day life.

Why Choose Us!

The professional washing and ironing services at Fab Fresh is what makes it a go-to option in daily life. Here are a few compelling points as to why you should choose Fab Fresh over others laundry services.

  • Affordable price

The affordable packages offered at the Fab Fresh app offers a range of choices to suit your needs. Check them out an choose the relevant package. Customized solutions starting at Rs. 69 per kg can also be arranged.

  • Online service

Online booking, both through the app and the official website makes the Fab Fresh service highly convenient and necessary on a weekly basis.

  • Door to door

Picking up of clothes for washing and ironing from your doorstep and delivering the same to your home saves a lot of time and effort on your part.

  • Express service

With washing and ironing complete within 24 hours, Fab Fresh is resourceful in case of emergencies. A sudden out of town trip which requires clean clothes can be arranged through the express service at Fab Fresh.

  • Expert service

Professional service over the years has made the folks at Fab Fresh the most experienced in administering washing and ironing services.

How to avail pick-up and delivery services through Fab Fresh

Washing and ironing service can be easily availed online by following a few simple steps.

  1. Bag all clothes reserved for cleaning and ironing.
  2. Schedule a pick up through call or SMS, or by logging on to the website, or accessing the app.
  3. A representative of Fab Fresh will collect your bag from your doorstep
  4. Expert washing and ironing is carried out in-house. Stay updated with regard to the status of your laundry through SMS updates at regular intervals.
  5. A Fab Fresh executive will deliver your clothes back to your house once the cleaning and ironing is complete.

Premium services offered by Fab Fresh at regular and affordable prices makes it one of the most desirably services in daily life.