Fabfresh, with ready and punctual doorstep services, has the answer to all laundry related problems you may be facing. The latest washing equipmentused here, goes a long way in ensuring that your clothes receive the care that they deserve. The special care that your wardrobe will receive at Fabfresh- cleaning and ironing included, will allow you to rest easy and save up on time, money and effort which can then be redirected to other important aspects in your life. Quit worrying about your dry cleaning and trust Fabfresh to do the best. Downloading the app is the key to access the professional laundry services. Covering all major areas in Pune, all you needto do is tap a few buttons on the app and select relevant options to schedule a pick-up for your clothes that require dry cleaning. Professional services and customised packages enable you to coordinate the timings for both pick-up and delivery according to your preferences.

Pune in Maharashtra is a city still growing, yetto reach its full potential, with people flocking over in order to make a living here. From employees at companies to students seeking to complete a degree, the city is filled with people living solitary and busy lives. At the end of the day, nobody wants to be stuck doing laundry. Fabfresh comes to Pune with its unique and convincing laundry services, to relieve people from their laundry duty at affordable rates. From reasonably priced clothing to expensive and tailored pieces, your clothes are sure to receive thorough attention during their time at Fabfresh.

The days of washing your clothes all by yourself is now over with Fabfresh services available in Pune. The service has already earned the trust of many local inhabitants of the city who have testified to Fabfresh being one of the best online dry cleaners in Pune. Understanding the needs of the client and executing the job with the careful handling and gentle cleaning that their clothes require is what governs the service. Modern equipment for washing and eco-friendly materials used in the process ensures thorough cleaning. The fabric used in clothes varies from piece to piece and each has a specific way in which it is to be washed. We, here at Fabfresh, pay due attention to that and treat each fabric the way it is to be treated, separating the clothes into distinct categories and preventing any intermingling between them.

Modern equipment backs attention to detail and the incorporation of modern technology has made the service convenient for all customers. With all transactions online, clients are better disposed to choose the services they require, the packages that best suit their needs and check out other services offered here at Fabfresh. Communication is not lax as all customers are regularly updated regarding the status of their laundry via SMS. The whole process is easy and transparent, making laundry a wholly convenient, service-oriented errand to run.

Why Choose Us!

Fabfreshareamong the best dry cleaners in Pune and the preferred option for your laundry due to a variety of reasons. A few compelling points are:

  • Affordable Pricing

Affordable packages are available on the Fabfresh website and app. Choose the one that suits your requirement. Customized solutions can also be negotiated starting at Rs. 69 per kg of clothing.

  • Services

Drycleaning services in Puneat Fabfresh includes washing, drying, ironing and folding. Door to door service ensures that all bagged clothes are picked up and clean clothes are delivered right at your doorstep without any hassle on your part.

  • Online booking

Download the app or log on to the Fabfresh website, fill in the necessary details and choose the relevant options to appoint a Fabfresh representative to pick up your bagged laundry.

  • Expert cleaning

Many years of professional experience, high end equipments and dedication go onto ensure expert handling of your clothing.

  • Express service

Get your laundry picked up and delivered within a span of 24 hours, if you so require.

How to avail pick-up and delivery services in Pune

Availing the services of Fabfresh with dry cleaning home delivery in Pune was never easier. The steps are given below:

  1. Collect all clothes that require dry cleaning in a bag.
  2. Book your pick-up through call or SMS or by logging into the website or using the app.
  3. A Fabfresh representative will collect your bag of clothes.
  4. As your clothing is dry cleaned, you will receive SMS updates.
  5. Once the process is complete, a Fabfresh executive will deliver your clothing to your doorstep.

Fabfreshare the best online dry cleaners in Pune. With their excellent service and top notch equipment, the premium dry cleaning services offered by Fabfresh is clearly preferable to other laundry services in the city.