Fab Fresh offers leading professional laundry services across major cities in the country. High-end equipment and eco-friendly material used establishes its state of the art infrastructure. With expert cleaning and washing services, Fab Fresh takes the worst of the household chores off your hands, and as one of the bestonline dry cleaning services, offers dry cleaning pick up and delivery with same day dry cleaning services near you. With Fab Fresh services available at all metropolitan areas in India, worries about your laundry now have a one-stop solution. The online transaction through the Fab Fresh Dry cleaners and dry cleaning delivery appmakes it easier to get your clothes dry cleaned with the best services at affordable rates.

Expensive clothes are often delicate and cannot be washed regularly. Formal wear, specifically, will be damaged if washed in a regular manner. Dry cleaning is therefore necessary for all your formal wear. The weather makes washing at regular intervals necessary in India. With the efficiency of the Fab Fresh forum and their professional and reasonable rates, you can stop worrying about your daily laundry. Professional and expert handling with Fab Fresh is sure to provide easy solutions.

Online transaction through the website and the app makes Fab Fresh one of the most practical services to run the laundry errands today. Latest equipment and efficient services hint at the state of the art infrastructure at Fab Fresh. The door to door premium services at affordable rates, with SMS alerts to keep you updated regarding the status of your clothes helps you stay at the top of things. With delivery at preferred timings, Fab Fresh allows you to get over with your laundry and dry cleaning in a way that does not interrupt your weekly schedule.

Why Choose Us!

A number of points set Fab Fresh apart from other professional laundry services. Here is why you should choose Fab Fresh:

  • Affordable rates

Check out the Fab Fresh app to find out more about affordable packages and choose the one that is best suited to your lifestyle. Customized packages can also be arranged at the rate of Rs. 69 for each kilogram of clothing.

  • Online booking

Booking online through the website or the app makes Fab Fresh one of the most convenient laundry services in the country. Log in to arrange for a pick up of your clothes for dry cleaning right from your doorstep.

  • Door to door service

Door to door service enables you to save up on time and effort as Fab Fresh representatives pick up your clothes from your doorstep and deliver them safely once the dry cleaning is done.

  • Expert dry cleaning

Experience and professional dedication, with excellent service and modern equipment, make Fab Fresh one of the leading dry cleaning services on the block.

  • Express services

Dry cleaning within 24 hours makes it one of the most sought-after services in the city. Same day dry cleaning can be particularly necessary in case of emergencies and sudden out-of-town plans or business trips.

How to avail pick-up and drop-off dry cleaning services

Online dry cleaning services are easily accessible by following these simple steps.

  1. Collect all your clothes that require dry cleaning in a bag.
  2. Schedule an online pick up of your bag for dry cleaning via call/SMS or through the app or the official Fan Fresh website.
  3. Stay up to date with the in-house dry cleaning process through regular SMS updates.
  4. Once your dry cleaning is ready, a Fab Fresh executive will drop off your clothing at your home address.

Premium high quality dry cleaning services are reserved for all who resort to Fab Fresh for their laundry, washing, ironing and dry clean errands of the week.