Fab Fresh is currently the leading online laundry service offered across all major cities in the country. On time services with pick-up and delivery from your doorstep, modern equipment for washing and eco-friendly materials used in the process makes it one a key online laundry service. Fab Fresh also offers the best online ironing service and is peerless in its professional excellence at washing, dry cleaning,and ironing, usually considered menial domestic tasks. Fab Fresh covers all major metropolitan areas in India and provides a professional solution to handle domestic chores to the urban populace of the cities.

India is still a growing country with a population that is becoming even more urbanized than already is. The finances may be secure but the last thing that anyone wants to do at the end of a long and tiring day at the office is to go home launder their clothes. The weather across India is hot, through the year almost, and calls for regular washing. Doing laundry in the much-awaited weekends does not seem appealing either. To such problems, Fab Fresh comes as the perfect solution. As a professional service, it is accountable and responsible for laundry and to administer the best online ironing service, so that you have asharp wardrobe to wear at work through the week.

The services provided by Fab Fresh include Steam iron service along with regular washing and cleaning. Log on to the website to check out the offeredclothes ironing services, or download the app to find ironing service near you. Modern equipment and efficient conductensure high quality service. Online transaction renders the whole process much less complicated than it sounds, and regular SMS updates are designed to keep you informed about the status of your laundry.

Why Choose Us!

Wondering why you should choose Fab Fresh over other laundry services? Here are a few compelling points:

  • Affordable prices

The rates at which Fab Fresh offers its services are reasonable. The app has packages,and you may choose the one that best suits your needs. Customized solutions are also available with prices starting at Rs. 69 for one kilogram of clothing.

  • Online booking

Online booking through the website or app initiates doorstep services. Book online to schedule pick up of your bag of clothes, and have them delivered to your doorstep with Fab Fresh.

  • Expert ironing

Years of experience have helped the folks at Fab Fresh to understand the basics of ironing different kinds of fabric and applying them to ensure the best steam ironing service available.

  • The door to door service

Pick up of clothes from your doorstep and safely delivering it back to you is the very job description of the people at Fab Fresh.

  • Express service

Have your ironing picked up and delivered at your doorstep within a span of 24 hours. This is particularly significant when you need your clothes ironed at the earliest, at the sudden planning of a trip or in times of a sudden meeting or conference out of the city.

How to avail pick-up and delivery service at Fab Fresh:

The following steps will allow you to avail the door to door service at Fab Fresh.

  1. Bag all your clothes that require ironing.
  2. Schedule a pick up through call/SMS or by accessing the app or website. A Fab Fresh representative will collect your ironing from your house.
  3. Premium steam ironing services at Fab Fresh will provide a sharp wardrobe for you. Stay updated with the status of your laundry through regular SMS updates.
  4. A Fab Fresh executive will deliver freshly ironed clothes to your doorstep.

A hassle-free ironing service thus awaits you on the end of the line should you opt for the online ironing service at Fab Fresh. Hand over your errands to professional service and lead a peaceful life without worrying about your laundry.