Do you wish to have someone do your ever-increasing laundry? Are you looking for impeccable, affordable and customer-friendly laundry services in Chennai? If yes, then Fabfresh in Chennai is the one-stop solution for all your laundry problems! Fabfresh offers refine online laundry services in Chennai that makes the task of washing, drying and ironing your messy clothes extremely effortless. With the use of modern equipment, experienced workers and efficient management, we ensure that time, money and effort has been devoted for just the right cause. All key areas in the city are covered by us, all that you’re required to do is to download our app and book for our services via one simple call. We are the best online laundry service in Chennai so with us you can rest assured about your dirty laundry worries!

Chennai is students and job seekers’ premier destination to boost their career. In the hectic and ever busy schedule of today’s millennials, no one really has the time to do their own laundry. The unavailability of time coupled with Chennai’s humid climate makes laundry both a practical necessity and often a burden. The vast number oflaundry shops in Chennai makes it difficult to find the most reliable, budget-friendly and quick one out of them all. A better alternative to avail the assistance of Fabfresh, the best laundry pickup & delivery in Chennai!

Fabfresh provides the facility of doing online laundry in Chennai. Our extensive customer base, know-how of doing laundry, careful handling of each customer’s clothes and timely delivery has rendered our service the best laundry service in Chennai. Through the use of high-end equipment and professional cleaners, we ensure that clothes receive a thorough yet gentle cleaning. With us, you needn’t worry about interchanging of clothes as each customer’s clothes are handled separately. In addition to this, we also assure you that your clothes will undergo the cleaning procedure that’s best suited to them as per their respective fabrics and washing instructions. To make the process hassle-free, we have integrated latest technology in the delivery of our humble service. The best part is that the entire process is online! Doing your laundry is literally just a click away, so satisfying, isn’t it? With our website or android app, you can know all about our packages and choose one that meets your requirements. Moreover, through SMS we provide regular updates regarding your laundry thereby making the whole process a transparent one.

Why choose Us?

Fabfresh is the best laundry App in Chennai but what makes it so? A fabulous washing experience is guaranteed by us and you can definitely expect the following from us-

  • Affordable Rates

You can opt from a vast range of packages as per your convenience. Our prices start from Rs. 69 per kg which includes washing, drying, ironing as well as folding. Additionally, customized packages can also be created by you, if you so desire.

  • Online Booking

Availing a laundry service has never been easier! Through our laundry app for Chennai’s customers and our website, you can readily book online. You’ll only be required to fill in some details following which our representative will reach your place at the selected time.

  • Expert Washing

Fabfresh’s professional cleaners understand each fabric’s needs so, we ensure that you will receive perfectly washed and ironed clothes within record time!

  • Premium Services

Usage of high quality material, hygienic environment and assurance of no damages- you can expect this from us at all times. With us, your clothes are completely safe for sure.

  • Doorstep pickup and delivery

By booking online, selecting a preferred time slot and providing your residential address, you can utilize the facility of door step pick-up and delivery from mostly all areas of Chennai.

  • Express services

Our express delivery lets you have clean and immaculately ironed clothes in just 24 hours. What more could you ask for?

How to avail our laundry pickup and delivery services in Chennai?

Fabfresh utilizes a sorted and straightforward process to get laundry services in Chennai. Just bag up your laundry, book online or via the App and hand over the clothes to our representative. Wait only for a day and get fresh clothes delivered at your place!

We offer premium laundry at reasonable rates in Chennai. Get in touch with us now to avail our excellent services!