Laundry can often become a relentless burden. If you’re seeking laundry services in Mumbai, then do reach out to Fabfresh. We are a fitting solution to all your laundry-related worries! An excellent online laundry service in Mumbai, we make the task of washing, drying and ironing your messy clothes a highly effortless one. Through the use of modern equipment and commendable management we ensure that your clothes are thoroughly yet gently washed. The main localities of the city are covered by us so getting your laundry is only a click away! Try the best online laundry service in Mumbai once and you’ll never go back to doing your own laundry for sure.

Mumbai is no doubt the New York of India. With its legendary monsoon, humid climate and compactly packed residences, doing laundry can often pose a great challenge. Not only this, the lively people of this energetic city are always on the go as well! Between catching the metros and making ends meet, time for doing laundry is often very little. There are many in-home helpers and laundry shops in Mumbaibut choosing one that’s reliable, budget-friendly and customer-oriented can be quite a task. A better option than all this is to try Fabfresh, the best laundry pickup & delivery in Mumbai!

The facility of doing online laundry in Mumbai has reached its zenith with Fabfresh! We utilize the latest technology for all your laundry needs and assure you that your clothes will be returned intact and thoroughly clean. Our extensive experience has led us to fulfill this service for thousands of city dwellers and we are humbled to say that we’ve met all their expectations. Our professional cleaners practice caution and vigilance while handling your clothes thereby ensuring that each fabric undergoes a cleaning process that’s best suited to its needs. In addition to this, we’ve rendered the entire process online. With only a single click you can receive fresh clothes in just 24 hours! Isn’t it amazing? What’s more is that we believe in maintaining transparency therefore all updates of your laundry are provided to you via SMS. These factors have gradually made us the best laundry service in Mumbai.

Why choose Us?

A fantastic and trustworthy washing experience is wholly guaranteed by Fabfresh. We are the best laundry App in Mumbai for the reasons mentioned below.

  • Affordable Rates

We offer numerous packages that allows you to choose one as per your convenience. You can even create a customized package if you wish to. Laundry charges per kg in Mumbai start from Rs. 69, this is inclusive of washing, drying, ironing and folding.

  • Online Booking

Through our laundry app for Mumbai’s customers availing a laundry service has never been easier! You can even book through our website; you’ll only be required to provide some details following which our representative will collect laundry directly from the place you provided the address for.

  • Expert Washing

Each kind of fabric requires a specific washing, drying and ironing method. At Fabfresh, our professional cleaners understand this need properly hence you will receive perfectly clean clothes for sure.

  • Premium Services

We work in an extremely hygienic environment and use the best quality of material for all your laundry requirements. Additionally, we assure you that your clothes will suffer no damages from our side.

  • Doorstep pickup and delivery

Fabfresh allows you to book online following which you can choose a time slot suitable to you and provide an address. We can pick-up and deliver laundry from your place; almost all the areas of Mumbai are covered by us.

  • Express services

In record time we can wash, dry, iron, fold and pack your clothes. This entire process requires only 24 hours. What more does one require of a laundry service?

How to avail our laundry pickup and delivery services in Mumbai?

We use a well-managed, sorted and simple process to get laundry services in Mumbai. All you need to do is to bag up your laundry and book through our app or the website. Once that’s done, our representative will reach your doorstep to collect the laundry at the chosen time. After waiting for only 24 hours you can get your fresh clothes delivered to you easily!

To get supreme laundry services, highly affordable rates and customer-friendly staff in Mumbai, do contact Fabfresh. We will definitely leave you well pleased with our services!