With the latest equipment for washing and punctual doorstep services, Fabfresh is the new method in which to tackle your laundry in a hassle-free manner. Professional service, online transaction and eco-friendly materials used by Fabfresh in their trade guarantee the best service to clients all across the country. Almost all major cities in India are covered by Fabfresh in providing their laundry and dry cleaning services. Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and other cities already have experienced the convenience of handing over their laundry duties to Fabfresh and have been satisfied in doing so. Log on to the website or download the Fabfreshlaundryservice app today to avail the services in your city.

The idea of an online laundry service in India is a novel concept. But with the increasing stress of urban life, it gets even less inspiring to do laundry at the end of the day. In the little free time that a person gets these days, something as banal as a house errand should not hold you back from having your share of fun. Online laundry service in India comes as an answer to these issues. Look for laundry service near you online and schedule a pickuplaundry service to hand over your errand to professionals. The affordable rates at Fabfreshoffer a reasonable laundry pick up and delivery service near you to keep you from worrying about your dry cleaning and ironing. The generally sultry and hot weather across India calls for regular washing of clothes and Fabfresh offers reliable service at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Us!

Fabfresh is the epitome of professionalism in the laundry and dry cleaning services it provides to all clients across the country. Modern equipment with efficient service, convenient mode of communication and transparent process makeFabfresh preferable to all other such services available in India.  Here are a few compelling points that make Fabfresh the better choice:

  • Reasonable rates

The Fabfresh app has reasonable packages to choose from and hand over your domestic chores to professional service providers at reasonable rates. Customized solutions may also be negotiated, starting at Rs. 69  for one kg of clothing.

  • Online booking

The online booking and transaction is a unique feature of Fabfresh laundry service. Book online through the app or website to have a Fabfresh representative pick up dirty laundry from your doorstep. Delivery is also made within 24 hours, at your door.

  • Best service

In addition to doorstep service, the process is made more transparent to a customer by regular SMS updates regarding the status of their laundry.

  • Expert washing

Years in the field have made the people at Fabfresh experts with regard to the washing. Careful handling and gentle washing come easily to them now, and they have the knowledge on how to handle the fabric of each kind of clothing that is to be washed or dry cleaned.

  • Express services

Laundry picked up and delivered within 24 hours is a unique feature of Fabfresh that is fast, efficient and particularly useful in case of emergencies.

How to avail laundry pick up and delivery services:

Follow the simple steps to arrange for a Fabfreshpickup and delivery service.

  1. Bag up all your dirty clothing
  2. Through call/SMS/app/website schedule your pick up. A Fabfresh representative will arrive at your doorstep to collect your bag.
  3. Experts at Fabfresh will wash, dry and iron your clothes. Stay updated with the status of your laundry through SMS updates.
  4. Once the process is complete, a Fabfresh executive will deliver your clothes to your doorstep.

The premium laundry services of Fabfresh is sure to inspire you to hand over the banal errand to professional handlers to guarantee efficient washing and cleaning for your wardrobe.