We ask customer to read the term and conditions set forth. Signing the customer invoice will indicate the customer’s agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions as listed below.

  1. Fabfresh will use reasonable efforts to try and ensure that the garments and articles entrusted to us are cleaned using methods that are best suited to its nature and condition
  2. If there are no wash care instructions label on the article Fabfresh will accept no liability for damage during cleaning of the article on the other hand when following the wash care instructions specified on the article Fabfresh will accept no liability for damage arising due to following the instructions.
  3. The customer will have to retain the original invoice and present it at the time of delivery if the customer fails to do so their will be an identity check
  4. We will not entertain any claim if the customer fails the identity check there will be a delay in delivery times if the customer is unable to present the original bill for which Fabfresh Cannot be held accountable
  5. The customer will have to ensure that their name address and contact number is duly filled in the invoice this will make it easier for us to identify the customer if the invoice handed over to them is missing if the customer fails to fill the details and in the event that we are unable to successfully identity the customer and their invoice copy will not entertain any claim made towards Fabfresh.
  6. Signing and taking delivery of the invoice will mean that the customer have checked that the wash instructions (whether regular wash or dry-cleaning) and the number of articles is as specified in the invoice Any claim to the contrary will not be entertained Fabfresh cannot be held accountable
  7. All payment are non-refundable.all sales are final
  8. The customer needs to pay their bill in full only at the time of collection of their cleaned article. We do not accept part-payment in advance and the management at Fabfresh will not be held responsible should the customer do so
  9. The customer have to collect their articles within 7 days collections date mentioned in invoice after witch Fabfresh will not held responsible for the customer articles returning the articles after this date will entail an additional charge.
  10. The customer will have to check their garments and articles for any valuables before handing them over to us. We are not responsible for them
  11. The customer must notify Fabfresh within 48 hours of receipt of a delivery of any lost or damaged items from that particular delivery, failure to do so constitutes waiver of a claim for any lost or damaged items from that delivery.
  12. If the claim notification is made within 48 hours and if the management accepts the claim a maximum of 10 times of the bill amount or Rs 2000 will be paid whichever is the lowest.
  13. Fabfresh is not responsible for natural wear and tear, clothing bleeding; shrinking or otherwise changing that result from normal wash we will take necessary precautions to alleviate these problems if possible.
  14. Whilst we take care to ensure that the stain is removed without damaging the article we do not guarantee complete removal of stains. we understand that the article will be dear to the customer and if we are unsure of treating the stain without damaging the article we will return it in its original condition.
  15. Fabfresh will not be held responsible for damage to any ornamental and jewellery fittings sequins,beads,buckles,buttons,hooks,zips,laces,shoulde pads etc in the article.
  16. Fabfresh will not be held accountable for unforeseen events and circumstances such as floods,fire damage accidents and strikes.Fabfreshs will strive to deliver the customer articles on time if due to any unforeseen cirumstance,we are unable to do so the customer is not entitled to any compensation or reduction in the charges


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